Wrong sales figure in both workperiod and sales report

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Here is a work period for yesterday. Bare in mind that the correct sales figure for yesterday was 1,830,900 and ticket count was 154. PLEASE HELP

PM me your database backup. I can check that.

PS: Please choose correct SambaPOS version category for your question.

The first image shows the the wrong report(Less money and less ticket counts) and the second one shows correct tickets and correct ammount.


  1. Im using SambaPOS4 running on a windows 8 machine with SQL Server express 2012.
  2. I open and close the work period once a day and i close the work period on the same day to avoid spill over.
  3. The computer time is correct.
  4. I have not modified anything aside of updating the menu and creating some user.
  5. The Samba is running in a multi-user environment(One server and two touch desktop).

Sorry, I have not installed the database tools in my sambaPOS is there a way i can find the database backup so that i can send it to you. Thanks

You can use SSMS (SQL Server Management Studio) to create backups. It creates a *.bak file and you can zip that file and PM me.

OK. Let me try that.

So your backup is a txt file. Did you setup an SQL Server Database? I’m afraid you’re using demo database because SambaPOS uses txt file when it can’t finds a database and it is just demonstration purposes.

Read this post for more info.

May be my setup is wrong, but I’m using SQL server express 2012, All my computer are linked to one computer which acts like a server( this is where i installed the database) and all other computer connect to this server through a connection string (Data Source=\SAMBAPOS4; User Id=sa; Password=Mypassword;)

So your backup shouldn’t be a txt file. It should be a zip file. Please try again and before posting your PM wait until your file fully uploads.

PS: Read Determining Database Mode section of the tutorial to ensure it runs in SQL mode.

i have check the dates on my computer and it turns out the cashier computer was one day old, so the system run fine the whole day with correct reporting and everything but when i came to the office this morning the problem resumes and restaurant terminal dates are correct. I have message you the db backup so that you take a look at it. Thank you

Wrong figure on workperiod and sales Reporting

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