Wrong warehouse consumption and inventory reporting

Hi all !
I am totally caught up on inventory, and your assistance is of essence. I have read through various inventory tutorials on this forum and I ended up being confused, because each tutorials is highlighting different aspect of handling inventory. My case is general, I want to understand the basic inventory before getting in more details.
I already know how to handle inventory items of the goods sold in the bar the issue is in the kitchen Inventory container, pre-prep products, order tagging inventory all this are good tutorial, but you can never understand this before understanding the concept

Please follow the example below and let me know if I am on the right track
I have a product called potatoes Wedge as my menu item I want to track the inventory items used to produce wedges.
One portion serving (platter) of potatoes Wedges is made of these

1. Potatoes(wedge cut)- 1portion(250 grma)
2. Egg-1 egg
3. Onions- 25grams
4. Wheat meal-35grams
5. Cooking oil-100ml
6. Chilli -10 grams
7. Milk-100ml
8. Garlic powder- 10grams

_I have created the inventory product as shown below

Then I created the inventory items for the entire recipe used to make wedges as shown

Then I created the recipe inventory products for both Wedge batch and wedge platter

_ NB:I have assumed that 1kg of potatoes will give me 4 portions of wedges to be served so 2kg=2000grms will give 8 portions ._*

_ I have multiplied all the other recipes with 8 to get the amount required to produce a batch of 8 plates as shown below_*

Then I created wedge platter recipe
(my assumption was since the wedge batch will produce 8 plates of the wedge platter then a wedge platter is 0.125 of the batch.I achieved this by dividing 1 with 8)
Please let me know if this is how I am supposed to do this

And created another recipe for Wedges menu item
(I have linked the wedge menu item with wedge platter inventory product as shown)

Selling 4 platters of wedge in my pos

Checking the item sale reports

Checking the warehouse

This is where the elephant in the rooms lies. I need to interpret my stock and based on my recipes you can clearly see the system is reducing half of the inventory items I have used
Please check and kindly explain to me what is happening here, am I using the wrong procedure ,or what is this that I am missing out in my understanding.
Please pardon my ignorance, I may have gone through various tutorials available and none had a clear cut way of doing this.
Your assistance will be appreciated

Items, Inventory used in recipes, Consumption reported on samba
potatoes , 2000grms , 1000grams
Eggs , 8pcs , 4pcs
milk, 2000ml, 1000ml
chilli, 80grams, 40 grams
paprica ,80 grams, 40grams
Garlic Powder ,80grams, 40grams
Cooking oil ,50ml, 25ml

So you configured it to produce 8 plates

You’re selling 4 plates

… and it reduces half (8/4) of the inventory.

I didn’t understand why you think it is wrong. Do you expect it to decrease 8 plates even you sell 4?

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Thankyou so much emre for pointing out this and excuse my ignorance .Damn i have spent all my day trying to figure out where the problem is,again thankyou sir.