Wrong warehouse for inventory item

I have just 2 inventory items (at present):
Widget - In Local Warehouse
Fins - In PuntoSub warehouse

When I look at stock the PuntoSub item is listed in Local Warehouse. Also, when I purchase the PuntoSub item, the new purchase appears in the Local Warehouse.

Am I doing something wrong?

Go to Manage > Inventory > Transaction Types and look at your Purchase Transaction Type.

If you want to purchase in seperate warehouses then create separate purchase buttons for each warehouse. Look under document Types for that.

To sum it up you would need to create 2 Document Types and 2 Transaction Types. This will put two buttons for purchases 1 for Local Warehouse and 1 for your other warehouse.

Example Warehouse Screen

Document Types

Transaction Types


@mjb2000 I changed your topic to a V5 Question forum category the Issue category is reserved for features that are broken that might need developer attention it is not to be used for miss-configurations or configuration questions.

Ah - Perfect. Thank you @Jesse

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As you probably noticed when you are in the Warehouse screen it does not matter what Warehouse you have selected when purchasing as long as you press the correct purchase button.

What is the point in the warehouse selection under the inventory item then? I’ve probably missed something?

What are you referring too?

The warehouse selection box here on the inventory item details…

That is for Tracking purposes for reports. For example when you sell an item which warehouse do you want it to pull inventory from? So for example if you want PuntoSubs that you sell come out of the PuntoSub warehouse then you define that option for PuntoSub warehouse.

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Ah OK. That seems a bit weird that the “Purchase” button ever lets you purchase something in to the “wrong” warehouse then? How would the item ever be sold from the wrong warehouse?

I’m feeling really stupid right now, are these quirks documented somewhere that I’m missing?

The reason for that is some people do warehouse to warehouse purchases… they buy into local warehouse and then move into other warehouse via purchases so its tracked. Their local warehouse may be a different building for example and they want to track inventory coming out of that warehouse and into their kitchen warehouse.

So Food sold comes out of Kitchen warehouse but purchases go into Local Warehouse.


Ah - That makes sense.

With that new knowledge you may study it some more and decide how you want yours to work. SambaPOS lets you design your own system for that with lots of nice options. You can even add suppliers into it with Entities you probably noticed those options.

Here is a great tutorial btw it explains inventory in VERY detailed fashion and demonstrates some advanced setup options. Its a long read but worth it.

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Yeah, I am really begining to appreciate how much you can customise things. I just feel bad because I am sturggling to get my head around the potential functionality and therefore I am asking a lot of questions on the forum. Fortunately everyone seems very friendly and happy to help :slight_smile:


Do not hesitate to ask questions its the best way to learn. SambaPOS can seem daunting at first and it does take a pretty good learning curve but eventually you will get an AHA moment and realize wow I can do anything with this.

Here is a great wealth of knowledge in once place:


The best knowledgebase is this forum however with the Tutorials category and the Search function.


Can’t wait to hit this point :slight_smile:

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