X and Z report for sambapos V4

Hi guys is there such features under V4? To see and print X and Z report?

It will be better if you can give detailed information about your need. X or Z reports are cash register features and might have different meanings (and uses) in different countries.

By default we have work period report you’ll print after closing work period.

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As my understanding is an x reading is a non resetting current report where z is final and resets the totals for next period.

Samba handles this differently using work period.

The equivilent of an x report would be going to reports screen to see current figures of the live work period report.

The equivilent to z report is these report but after you have ended work period.

For my customers used to the traditional x and z report model I configure so work period report automatically prints on work period close.
That makes closing work period imitate running z reading.

Another difference is in samba you close period and then open in the morning as a seperate process rather than just doing a reset z reading.

X report you can go to reports and print the work period report at any time before ending the work period.

Z report is ending the work period and printing the work period. that’s sufficient enough