<XCT> code for bematech cash drawer

Hello Guys,
Atm i didnt find the right code on the forum and on the web. i tested a lot of codes
for example like this 27,112,0,25,250
can i print a codepage from the printer to print the code out i have a bematech “mp 2800 th” ticket printer and the cash drawer “bematech gd 56” works fine if the printer makes a cut…
thanks for your help!

Please show template.
Also how have you wired it up? Cach drawer to printer rj11 port?

Hello @JTRTech
yes its contected

the first cable from above it is

Add a printable line to make sure your job is being sent corectly.

Oh men i did some mistakes :man_facepalming: :sweat_smile: but you for helping! Now it works!

Hello @JTRTech im working on to print the logo on the ticket y loaded the bmp logo to the printer. and its printing fine. then y put that file in my ticket template
and the printer seems to receive a comand but no logo printout an no ticket template printout.
Unbenannt - Kopie

Some idea?

i believe thats the right code

Its n,m
Normal m is 0,48
Your missing the image number.

yeah it works halleluja!
thank you!
it was 28,112,1,0,48
the first image :smiley:

Hello @JTRTech I prints now fine. Only on the ticket printer output it has a “0” and when I make a simple template with only the code it prints only the logo without the “0”