YOMANI payment terminal integration

Hello, Samba’s team. I’m developing an app which interacts with SambaPOS DB. But now I’m asked to figure out if the POS system has built-in integration with any payment terminals except for Ingenico products described on the site. The particular terminal we’re going to use is YOMANI from Wordline manufacturer. I’ll appreciate any response, thank you.

No there is not an integration with those terminals yet. Likely it’s possible though.

Which country are you want to use?

Thanks for your reply. It is for the Netherlands. So if I’m not mistaken there is no simple way to fetch the amount from SambaPOS and set it as a payment sum at the card reader mentioned, right?

Why would you be fetching the amount from samba?
Surly the payment is initiated from samba so it is samba telling terminal the amount.
The issue with a DIY intergration is the response from the terminal since the response is not in reply to the initial amount send from samba it needs extra work to listed for the replies from terminal.

Yes, that’s what I expect. Can you advise me the documentation topic or some video with instructions how to set Samba and the device up?

There isn’t much, I got a demo machine a while back and was able to pass the amount to the machine however as described the challenge was listening to the responces.

so the solution is quite tricky and requires some low-level interaction between processes or devices?

Yes a payment processing is not a basic operation sometimes.
If you have docs for device may be i can look that quickly.

At the moment I haven’t got any API docs from the manufacturer. I have recently sent a request for it. As soon as I get it I’ll post it here. Thank you.

Please not that the manufacturer is not the one which provides the intergration. These type of things are software level setting on the terminals as defined by provider rather than manufacturer.
The paymentsence intergration for example is NOT ingenco generic, all the hotel group have the same ingenco machines but through different providers and intergration is specific to payment sense.

thank you for the clarification. it’s very valuable as I feel ignorant about all this stuff.

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