You can`t display this ticked ok


I keep getting this message “You can`t display this ticked ok” in a box. This is when I use Ticket Lister with the button Display Ticket. I have to go to Tickets and open it from there on the navigation screen.

Does anyone know why this issue can be caused. I have admin roles and have access to display tickets mine and others.

This shouldn’t cause such issue. Maybe there is a problem with your configuration.

Here I click on Display Ticket, than I get the message below

This is the message I get.

If I display ticket via Navigation screen showing tickets than it opens up

It was working before I imported “Courses” Zip to it. Sort Products While Taking an Order from a Customer

Panic over found that the “Courses” zip created another display ticket rule, thus conflicting.

its always a good idea to try and not import older setups. Configuration tasks will be a great solution but it seems only I pay much attention too them. It’s a shame because they are such a powerful tool. But if you do import something you definitely should do it on test machine.