Zero price - Multiple Is this correct

When I tried to multiple a product with number pad its update the price instead of quantity? This obtain a lot of problems when you used with tags.

That’s a feature not a issue. Try the + and -

I am aware about + & -. Old versions V2 update qty. What do you think about waiters and there mistakes?

That’s not default flow.
Number pad before adding order will either set quantity if it has a price or set price if price is left as 0 (as far as I remember)
What exactly are you doing, what’s is the flow/press sequence your doing?

Above is an example. I give 150 Coffee (zero price) with sugar order tag for 1 Euro, should I press “+” 150 times?

Wow would you really do 150 coffees in one order? Maybe you should put a price on coffee then use automation to make them free. That is a lot of free coffee

Ok, so just create a new automation command for change quantity and map to order level… Set a update order action with [:Quantity] in that field then in the rule put prompt expression of [?Quantity] (you might want to lookup the keyboard code for just number prompt) and job done.
Add one coffe.
Add tag.
Select and press Update Quantity button
Enter quantity…

You probably want to set visible state on automation command to New as would only be possible on new orders.

You issue is the zero price meaning number pad is setting price rather than quantity.
Kendash sugestion if changing price with automation would also work.
Perhaps if you explained the scenario that might need 150 free coffees but charge for auger we might be able to offer alternate ideas but is an unusual setup.

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