4v i have look every where is there a simply way to track produck stock count?

Is there a simple way to track product stock count ?

i have 10 cans of sodas
20 bottles of water

when 2 cans of sodas are sold samba will state there is 8 cans of soda left?
please send me in the right direction . thanks

also i would like to print customers accounts in case they would like a copy of what they paid or what is owe.

and print work order reports

I found a post that demonstrates tracking an inventory item called Seed.

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thank you how did they get a count in the in stock column?

You need to close work period then you can adjust figures

thank you for the direction of the stocking count.
How do i print Work Order Reports and Print customers accounts? When i click Print it doesn’t print

Do i need to create Actions ? Rules?

Thatll be hard codes i think, youll need to create your own