7shifts Integration Time Clock and Sales

WARNING: Please backup your database before trying this tutorial. This will install only 5 rules and a few actions it is very light. All rules are tagged as Time Clock you can type Tags:Time Clock in search field of Rules to filter just these rules.

This requires version 5.2.23.

This tutorial will cover the integration of scheduling and time keeping suite called 7Shifts.

We will cover the time clock integration as well as the sales integration.

Here is the DB Tools Import file for the entire integration.

7shifts Time Clock.zip (3.3 KB)

Step 1: Install the import file by navigating to Manage > Settings >Database Tools and choose import from file.

Step 2: Open the 7shifts script in Manage > Automation > Scripts and at the top where it says YOUR7SHIFTSAPIKEYGOESHERE insert your 7shifts API key which is located in your Company settings page in 7shifts.

Step 3: Be sure the PINCODE for SambaPOS Users matches the PINCODE for the 7shifts Employee.

Step 4: Determine your time zone and adjust the portion of the 7shifts Execute action inside the CLK Handle Clock Out and the CLK Clock User In and the 7shifts Execute rules so you add or subtract the number of seconds from 18000(USA CST Time) to match your time zone.


I will add a more detailed tutorial soon hopefully. But this should get you going.

Is this work with 5.2.23 ?

Yes sorry I failed to mention that. This will require 5.2.23 which is in beta test right now. I thought I had closed the topic. Sorry. I will make this beta category for now.

Hey Jesse.

Just testing this out for the first time.

I imported the files and all the rules and actions were inserted. Great!

I also created a demo 7 shifts account and added some employees with Punch codes too. The codes match what is in SambaPOS.

Now when I got to login, I only see “Logout” and nothing shows up to advise to clock in.

Is this because of the timezone settings by any chance?

Also regarding the timezone, so if my city is currently +10 GMT. Would I change the setting from +18000 to +22000?

Never mind. I didnt import the Time Clock file in your Tutorial. When I did this, I got the correct buttons and can clock in and out.

But just to clarify, when you clock in, how long does it take for it to update on 7shift servers?

It’s instantly updated. There are a few tweaks we need to add. I’ll share those soon I’m driving.

Hmm I must have done something wrong then. Let me check the rules and script again.

Thev18000 is seconds. They are in another country and won’t set the offset I. Their API server so I has to offset it before it sent.

Sorry for the poor typing I’m using text-to-speech

I’ll be home in probably about 40 minutes maybe 30 minutes and I can assist you with it if you’re still needing help

You did get your API key and inserted that into the script?

Sure thing :slight_smile:
I’m looking over the rules and scripts to ensure I havent missed anything.

I got my API key which I added to the script.

The only thing I haven’t done yet is add any additional actions.

THis is because the file you shared here seems to have those rules and actions in there and when i check it, it matches what you showed in the tutorial.

I’ll check and let you know :).

I made some updates since I posted that file I may repackage it tonight and and put the updated went on there and then we can see which ones you might need and I’ll make sure that’s in it too

the 18000 seconds offset is 4 Central standard Time to their servers I can’t remember which country they were in but for me to get central standard time I had to offset it by those mini seconds I think it was 6 hours so you you can take that to to try to convert to what your offset needs to be

Ahh ok.

So I did a quick search on Google to see time difference between CST and Brisbane Australia.

We are 15 hours ahead. So would this mean I would put +54000?

You can test the script to see if you’re getting the response from the API that’s what I did.

So you would add that much on top of my 18000 I think lol. my brain was hurting when I got done testing to figure out what offset I needed to input

I actually called them and reported it as a bug because you would think that they would have the offset in their API server exactly like they do in the actual app because you choose your offset in the settings for your company and their servers handle it but for some reason they’re API doesn’t handle it that way so I was kind of frustrated and I just built offset into my script

Haha yeah. That’s all good, I just have to figure out the time and I should be able to update that no worries.

Also I added my API key into the script, and tried to test it. I get below