A pruduct has two portion sizes how to avoid, the update of the ticket of the first portion of that product

some back ground information

I’ve got a menu item —> any this menu item has several products —> some products has two portion sizes

the problem is once the product is clicked the first portion size is automatically add to the ticket as a default. how can I avoid this situation

What is expected

once the product is selected it should only show the two options of portion sizes. Once I select the portion size it should update the ticket.

Thank you

Think your asking about the autoselect option…
On the menu select the cagegory, click endit product properties and tick the autoselect option.
This will then open the portion/order tag screen on order added. See below;

This is good where you want portion selection option every time order added.

Alternativly the portion size can obviously be changed after adding by selecting the order which is good if first portion is used most of the time.

Another option is to set an alternative default portion using the product properties in the menu again;

Clicking the order still lets you change them but the default will not be the first portion.
This can also be used if you add a product twice on the meny you can set each to different portions and use the header column to change the button header to show the portion.

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Thank you for the reply. I tried your solution. Then both options go away from the selection; and I really don’t want to add two products for two portion sizes for the same product.

Thank you

and also how did you have two products in the product properties database, under exactly the same product code and name

Can you explain what you mean by this?

When adding products to a menu category you add one product to selected list then right click on the ‘from’ list (product list) and there is an option to display all values and will allow you to add product a second time

What I want is, when the item selected on the menu the portions should be prompted to select,but should not have default product go to the order. eg, I have a product called “A”, and it has two portions small =1.25 , regular=1.50.when I select the item “A” from the menu,the small portion defaultly adding to the ticket.i want this to be added only once I select the portion.

Sorry but what difference does that make when using autoselect?

Thank you. We didn’t want to have a default product selected without selecting

Any particular reason?

That is the way it is i’m afraid, you could mask it using an ask question prompt with {PORTION BUTTONS} but behind the prompt would still be doing the same thing.

What are you worried about that autoselect doesn’t achieve?

The only way I can see to achive this is to make two menu buttons and set portion and header as I showed above.

Thank you.

  1. the person at the till will get confused where a product came from without selecting anything.
  2. on pole display it will display the default portion and will be changed when select the regular portion in my case. as the regular portion is more expensive than the small portion it will confuse the customer as well.

Are you saying pole display doesn’t update to the new portion selection?
Could be overcome to also tigger update or ticket total changed if so.

If you want to go straight to selected portion the multiple menu buttons with properties portion and header would be only option I think.

Ok thank you. You have been very helpful. Are you free at the moment if I ask another question please

Am always busy but ask away :smile:

Thank you. I want to implement a meal deal… I’ll take an example.

Breakfast menu

egg cob
sausage cob
bacon cob

drinks under the meal deal

late, capatino, regular coffee, water, etc. they all different prizes…

whats expected

the items to be added to the ticket as normal. I want to create a button on the main menu panel to give a meal deal. for selected products…

Easiest to setup is to use order tags for the options, meal deal being the product and tag groups for the options set to max 1.
There was a discussion recently on alternative method but cant remember what it was titles,.
Try searching for combo deal there are a few topic on it.

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How about force select portion?

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Thank you all, also can you direct me to a sambaPos documentation .

There is no full documentation.
The forum is the documentation, search the forum for what you want and you will find most things discussed, if not ask a question and you’ll most likely get several answers pretty quick.
Just be sure to follow best practices for posts and offer plenty of detail to get best replies.

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Brilliant!!! Thank you

What is the use of the “price definitions” of the product menu please