Abort Transaction Button: How to make an Abort Transaction button

The abort button is active when i add new orders on already submitted orders and it can cancel a whole ticket after printing a bill.

Is there a way i can stop that.

try adding an order tag constraint so if its submitted it wont abort it?


department / restuarant/ creat ticket .
i followed steps i got no button

i also mapped it and used import tool to import file ???

stiil need helpp please on this##

If the button is not showing, then the Automation Command is not properly mapped. Show a screenshot of the Mapping for the Automation Command.

hi i tried this again in new database .having same problem.i can apply % DISCOUNT BUT THERE IS NO EFFECT ON $ AMOUNT .I THINK MY PROBLEM IS MAPPING i might not be putting correct maping on the last 5 steps ,so can someone help me correct or understand this ?and yes i have read mapping wiki ,and this is my third database i am working on ,mapping confuses me i sapose that is my issue not sure

Show us an example we can’t help you if we don’t know what the problem is.

when i select discount item i click on 10% and thwn nothing gets applied.

what do u need me to post?

Ok can you please stay on topic. The thread you posted in is about the abort button but now your asking about discounts? We will not be able to read your mind and help you. You must stay on topic and give us clear questions with screenshots to support it. We do not know what you did wrong because we can’t see your configuration. We need you to show us that.

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sorry yes i have both a abort button and discount issue ,sorry my fault i stay on abort got confused i have been on this chair for 5 days morning till night and feeling stupid as i cant seem to get things going .
back to abort
my abort button does not apear on pos screen i checked the mapping

my department is set to restaurant then creat ticket

States are case sensitive. When following tutorials it’s best to do them exact. This means spelling, capitalization etc.

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yaaaa did it thx for u help i got something done

Is it possible to add Aborted Transactions to the Work Period Report. Just have the amount of aborted transaction within the work period.

In my abort rule i also change ticket type to “transaction cancelled”. In my z read one of the reports shows the value of all tickets types i have created, sales, refunds, bar tabs, suspended sales, transaction cancelled etc

It can be done but i dont know if it shows in the work period report as im using V5 all the reports are custom reports so i have created it myself

For exactly this tutorial, from “Kendash”, I need to send a note to kitchen that the order has been voided… or maybe you have another version of this tutorial…thanks.

Just use void button. This tutorial was made a long time ago and was primarily for retail where there is no kitchen.

I use Void, but I need a void all option for the entire list…the same as your tutorial…thx

Then use the abort button and mimic the void state change process. To change order state.