Abort Transaction Button: How to make an Abort Transaction button


yaaaa did it thx for u help i got something done


Is it possible to add Aborted Transactions to the Work Period Report. Just have the amount of aborted transaction within the work period.


In my abort rule i also change ticket type to ā€œtransaction cancelledā€. In my z read one of the reports shows the value of all tickets types i have created, sales, refunds, bar tabs, suspended sales, transaction cancelled etc

It can be done but i dont know if it shows in the work period report as im using V5 all the reports are custom reports so i have created it myself

Automation to hold orders until ready to send to kitchen

For exactly this tutorial, from ā€œKendashā€, I need to send a note to kitchen that the order has been voidedā€¦ or maybe you have another version of this tutorialā€¦thanks.


Just use void button. This tutorial was made a long time ago and was primarily for retail where there is no kitchen.


I use Void, but I need a void all option for the entire listā€¦the same as your tutorialā€¦thx


Then use the abort button and mimic the void state change process. To change order state.