Abort Transaction Button: How to make an Abort Transaction button


Hello. When there are selected orders on ticket order related actions works for only selected orders. You can prefer using Before Ticket Closing event to update orders because at that time selection gets cleared. I mean you can Change Ticket Type and Close ticket when button clicked and update orders on Before Ticket Closing event. You can also include Mark ticket as Closed action to ensure ticket gets closed. Of course we should check ticket type is Abort before doing it.

You also don’t need to zero prices or quantities. It might be a good idea to keep them for records. Setting Calculate Price to false (same as zeroing price) and Decrease Inventory to false (same as zeroing quantity) will be enough. They’ll just get ignored. That will work like voiding all orders.

Also creating a separate ticket type might not be needed. Just changing ticket state to Aborted might be enough too…

Of course these are all recommendations and I’m just trying to let you know alternatives :slight_smile: Your best solution will be the one that fits to your business. For example you should think how to inform kitchen when submitted orders gets aborted. If you need to send such update to kitchen using void mechanism might be a better idea.

Selecting all items on a ticket

Great info I will incorporate that



I would like to add an Abort Transaction to our POS. I tried your Abort tutorial above and everything works properly, expect I do not want to print a Kitchen Ticket when a transaction is aborted.

Is there a way we can setup Abort Transaction to cancel all orders and close instead of setting everything to 0.

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You can’t cancel submitted orders which is why I did this. But also this tutorial a lot has changed since I made it.


I will use Abort Transactions with New Orders only.

I would be nice if Abort Transactions is able to distinguish Submitted and New Orders.


Waiter enters multiple products and wants to cancel because they need to go back to the table to ask how a customer wants a food item prepared.

I dont like waiters to leave POS open with orders. I will be nice if they can Abort all items while they are away from POS.

Since order is not submitted to kitchen, aborting without printing to kitchen is prefered.

Thanks again for all your help you provide in this forum.


There is a cancel orders action. It will cancel all. But it wont if they are submitted.


Thank you. That was exactly what I was looking.


The abort button is active when i add new orders on already submitted orders and it can cancel a whole ticket after printing a bill.

Is there a way i can stop that.


try adding an order tag constraint so if its submitted it wont abort it?


department / restuarant/ creat ticket .
i followed steps i got no button

i also mapped it and used import tool to import file ???


stiil need helpp please on this##


If the button is not showing, then the Automation Command is not properly mapped. Show a screenshot of the Mapping for the Automation Command.


hi i tried this again in new database .having same problem.i can apply % DISCOUNT BUT THERE IS NO EFFECT ON $ AMOUNT .I THINK MY PROBLEM IS MAPPING i might not be putting correct maping on the last 5 steps ,so can someone help me correct or understand this ?and yes i have read mapping wiki ,and this is my third database i am working on ,mapping confuses me i sapose that is my issue not sure


Show us an example we can’t help you if we don’t know what the problem is.


when i select discount item i click on 10% and thwn nothing gets applied.


what do u need me to post?


Ok can you please stay on topic. The thread you posted in is about the abort button but now your asking about discounts? We will not be able to read your mind and help you. You must stay on topic and give us clear questions with screenshots to support it. We do not know what you did wrong because we can’t see your configuration. We need you to show us that.


sorry yes i have both a abort button and discount issue ,sorry my fault i stay on abort got confused i have been on this chair for 5 days morning till night and feeling stupid as i cant seem to get things going .
back to abort
my abort button does not apear on pos screen i checked the mapping


my department is set to restaurant then creat ticket


States are case sensitive. When following tutorials it’s best to do them exact. This means spelling, capitalization etc.