About Custom Report Filter

I want to add a filter on my custom report. At there I don’t want to see “Müşteri Hesabı” and all the others ok. Nakit, Kredi Kartı, Multinet and etc… there must be at the report. How can I do that? Thanks.

Is it a dynamic list?
You could drop the @report for a static list.

Yes it is dynamic list. There are Payment Accounts.Also I want to list payment accounts even added later.

Why do you want to exclude just that one?

Because that one is Customers Account payment type. And gets all time 0.

So look to filter on 0 rather than by name I’d say.

Does not work.

Pretty sure too many : there.

P.Type:P.Amount > 0

You have too many :::

Sure too many used “:” it was for convert dynamic report with “,”
This is without too many “:”

This one is with too many “:”

Also still have 0 amount at the report.

1st would be because you would need to also have the p amount field with .sum to consolidate the list.
Then use {0}, to specify you only want first field in list.

You should probably play with the @ report as a visable report so you can see actual values are as expected before using it as list if results are unexpected.

I was referring to your previous post and now you used entirely different example and function…

Anyway, try this

{REPORT PAYMENT DETAILS:P.Name,P.Amount.sum.desc:P.Amount > 0 AND (PT=$1)}

This is not usefull like this.

And now gets all custommers acount pays. i dont want show them at the report.

From what I understand you want to see account payments but not the account for ‘Müşteri Hesabı’.

If this is the case, copy the following into a new report. View report in the report viewer as it uses the date ranges specified in the report viewer.

>>Account Name|Total Payments
{REPORT SQL DETAILS:SELECT Name, SUM(Amount) AS Amount FROM Payments WHERE Name NOT LIKE 'Cash%' AND Name NOT LIKE 'Credit%' AND Name NOT LIKE '%Müşteri%' AND Date BETWEEN '{Start}' AND '{End}' GROUP BY Name:F.Name,F.Amount}

This is the same report with diffrence way.

Do you not want to show account names? Do you just want a total of all account payments?

Or are you looking to show the account’s balance?

I want to show all payment accounts. But only payments accounts, not customer accounts.
“123 444 5566” arda köse is a customer accounts.

Ahh, so payments of Cash, Credit Cards, etc?

Sure. Only payments accounts will shown. But report must be dynamic.

The default report ‘Cash Transactions Report’ should display all of that information for you.

Particularly this part of it:

[Incomes:1,2, 1]
>Sale Incomes||
Cash||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Payment Transaction:Cash}
Credit Card||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Payment Transaction:Credit Card}
Total||{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Payment Transaction:Payment Accounts}
>Cash Transactions||
Total||[=F((TN('{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Cash Income:Cash}')+TN('{ACCOUNT TRANSACTION TOTAL:Customer Cash Payment:Cash}')),'#,#0.00')]
>Income Totals||
Credit Card||{ACCOUNT DEBIT TOTAL:Credit Card}
>Refund Totals||
Credit Card||{ACCOUNT CREDIT TOTAL:Credit Card}

If you add other payment types, you’ll have to modify the report to include those totals.