About upgrading from v4 to v5

i’m upgrading from v4 to v5
all what i was doing in v4 that i put the sdf file in the Database
i put my".sdf" file name in Local Settings -> Database in the Data Connection String textbox
it restarts samba but nothing happens!!!
i followed some topics here but also got nothing new
can you simply tell me how to upgrade smoothly with full steps
Note i didn’t use sql database till now

Pretty sure support for CE ended. You should convert to SQL and at least use localdb. CE is horrible and not reliable.

I’ll get you a link for tutorial one min.

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Scroll down to part about converting.

thanks alot,
after i completed the installation and made my .sqlce file what should i do?
i tried to follow the previous topics but i’m stuck what’s should i write in (Data Source and database)?
please answer as if i followed the SQL installation tutorial in all variable names
Thanks in advance

Did you read my tutorial? It tells you exact steps.

Nm I think you mean in sambapos. Sec I’ll get you link for that.

yes i followed up till i made tables and data
and i’m stuck in the samba part :slight_smile:


great thanks i will do it and tell you after i finish :heart: