Account Display Format

Ok, @emre this has to be a issue as I can not see any reason for this behaviour.

Entity Account has a Balance?

Format Used:

Evidence of Account:

Format working after a Payment Type Added?


I cannot see how a Payment Type reflects on an Account Balance. I do not wish for a Payment to be made available for this Entity Account Type.

It seems to require this Payment Type Setup:

Trying to find a way to hide the Payment Button now, but unmapping it brings the error display back…

I will add there are No Ticket Transactions, just Account Document Transactions to create the credit value.

From what I can see from code I intentionally disabled displaying account balances for entities that does not have a payment type that allows making transactions for mapped account type. Honestly I don’t remember why I added that requirement now but as it is added as a specific validation I assume that added to fulfill a different request from a different case.

Sorry @emre did not follow you here? So have you changed something from now or how do I solve this…