Entity Account Balance Display Format not working

I have been scratching my head on a small issue all day… It might be related to this old issue, but I’m not 100% sure (@pauln, maybe you can confirm if it is similar).

I have just oneentity, called “Customers” and this has an Account Balance Display Format of Owes $.00;We Owe $.00;ZERO

Some of my customers are sometimes paid by me for services they provide, and sometime they pay me for service I provide to them. For this reason, it works very well to have just the one type of entity, with an entity account which at times is positive and at times is negative.

I have created a new ticket type for processing expenses, this ticket type has it’s own number generator and transaction type (the TT is basicall a reverse sale, so although all values seen in the ticket are positive, when the ticket is settled - using specific payment types, the money is recorded as leaving the till).

The whole system works perfectly, with one exception. The account balance display format works as expected when I load any customer in to my SALES ticket. But, when I load the same customer in to one of my EXPENSE tickets it always displays “ZERO”, no-matter what the actual balance is.

Any idea why this might be?

Yea had to read that old post to try and remember what I did! I recall mapping and “payment types” had to be setup before it would recognise the Account Format?

I only use 1 ticket type so maybe there a mapping issue there for your new ticket type.

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Yep, the problem seems to be that if we don’t have a Payment Type with Customer Account as the Credit transaction, then the value will always be displayed as the ZERO value.

Because I am sometimes using the Customer Account for expense payouts and refunds, I have the Customer Account as the Debit transaction, but this entire set-up does not currently work, SambaPOS just ignores the payment altogether. Emre has said this will be resolved on the next relase, @Emre, is it also possible to have the Entity Balance displayed correctly when the Customer Account is either a Credit or Debit transaction?