Action Button print to kitchen

Our customer want me to find out the way to create an action button to print on the top of the ticket print to the kitchen for : Wait and All together.
This will be used when they order the food and want the chef to cook all foods at once or to wait until they call the food to be cooked.

We have done the Line separation and Hold button but their chef is not that bright so … the owner still want to be able to click button " Wait " , and " All Together " button that can be printed in the kitchen. Is there anyone know how to do this?



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I think this could help you go in the right direction. Probably slightly modified rule sets based on this

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Thx very much…

I will study this.

My question is, how can I create action to this button that will be invoked when I hit the button. I have tried create method but still I am facing a issue.