Activation & Regsitration Error on v54

i got this error in evening for unregistered trial although previously it was activated and installed

i then had to clear the license key and then activate.

why did it happen all of the sudden ?

What version was it running?

it wasnt the latest one i thnk 49

You must have missed the discussion where Emre fixed this issue with a new version. So update to latest version and you will be fine. It wont happen again.

i thnk that discussion was for v 45 or lower we need to update then this issue shouldnt occur…but mine is already above 49

actually i have different accounts under same email account.

does clearing license key under one account effect all the keys under the same email ?

because i happen to clear my v4 license keys
after that i received this error

Yes and I am fairly sure that is why Emre asked you to make separate accounts. If its seperate accounts you should be ok.

No there was another bug that came up that was fixed.

Think .45 was when the licence was properly implemented and there was a deactivation issue in the 48-49 range.
Updating wont hurt LOL

username is different but email address same

so this also effects

madiha you need to update it shouldnt do it again if you update. There was a fix for this after .49

oh ok will update again

No I said if its separate accounts you should be ok. Just update it to latest version it should fix your issue.

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He said you can use same email but different usernames.
You login in samba by username not email.

i login by username not email

LOL guys he just needs to update versions.

No it looks for account name not e-mail. However clearing license keys will clear all V4 and V5 licenses for that account.

Update V5 installations frequently for a while as all releases fixes some real life usage issues coming from new V5 users. As I can track from telemetry data latest version works fine.

lol ok latest activation required

lol whatever @madiha does she can’t stop us from calling her as he.

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Crap I am sorry I should have payed more attention to that. I never realized to be honest. Verry sorry Madiha

PS: Well I never pay much attention to avatars unless its a real picture because its never usually accurate on the internet :stuck_out_tongue:

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true emre no use of changing pic and mentioning tht i am she

no worries

but now i am use to it

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FYI that is a real pic of me and one of my daughters in mine.