Add/remove columns in TIckets Window

We have a requirement to add/remove columns in the ticket window. We need to add 1) Payment Status (Paid or unpaid), and 2) Payment Method.
We have gone through the forum but could not find information on how to add/remove the columns to the tickets window.

You will not be able to add Payment Status to that screen. You can remove columns and rearrange them but right now those settings will not be saved until we can fix a bug preventing it.

Oh Thanks for the quick answer Jesse. That helped us to prevent so much time trying to make it work. Hope someone working to fix the bog. Is there any other way we can tell the payment status and method for a ticket by looking at the system? And is there an instruction on how to remove and rearrange columns in that screen?

I recommend using custom reports. To remove and rearrange you can right click. Must be admin. But remember it won’t save it. If you remove a column and leave or logout. The next time you go to that screen it will be back.

the Op-Cls column will tell you. If you see two times (##:## - ##:##) the ticket it closed. If you see just one time (##:##) the ticket is open.



Hi Jesse, Thank you for your recommendation. We managed to get the custom report for closed tickets with payment type info.

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Hi Memo, Thank you for the info. This is also useful column. especially to track the time it has taken to close a delivery ticket.

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Hi Jesse, I was able to add columns from the available list and was still available when I logged out and back in. However, the problem is we will require the column with payment Status/Method. It would be nice to be able to customise the ticket explorer window.

That column is not available. You can use an entity screen, customer report widget and set the custom report to table view or use the pivot table option.

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This post may be of some help (it shows how to make a custom ticket explorer):

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To remove hidden columns from Grid Grouping Field Chooser, you need to bypass original column collection in the Field Chooser with a cloned GridColumnDescriptorCollection.

Hi @Jesse

Is this bug fixed yet?

As I don’t want to display the SUM TOTAL in the Ticket screen.

I don’t think it’s been fixed.

Here’s an old XML file with the sum field from the bottom removed. The element is commented out so you can always add it back. Place in the %USERPROFILE%\Documents\SambaPOS5\Layout folder. (1.2 KB)

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I’m not sure if it’s a bug or not. I don’t think it’s a bug. I think it’s something that was not intended but allowed. Framework was updated and it would need to be set back. We may allow it again I don’t know.

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Perfect thank you for sharing.

I do recall being able to customise the Tickets screen but its no longer saving any changes.