Copy Ticket tag to Ticket note

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Hello Team,i have set up the above and it works perfectly.i was wondering if theres a way to copy the tag info into a ticket note so that its visible on the ticket lister alongside the other ticket much appreciated.

Ticket tags are visable on lister no?

Thanks for your concern.No theyre not visible on the Ticket lister screen.I only have them on the printed tickets.i was looking to find a way to display them on the lister as well.

This post might be of some help:

This is quite informative but it seems a bit complex for the task im hoping to achive.What im looking for is a way to display the info on Tag Value: [:CCdigits] as a ticket note or anyway to add it as a column in the ticket lister,so that it gets easier for me to search for those details using the search panel.Thanks

When and how does this tag get set?
Just add as not in same flow?

Or look at a ticket tag selected action to look to update note when tag is set.

To make it it more understandable,i wanted a way to capture the digits in my action AC CC Tender digits and save them as a ticket note once the payment is processed.Thanks.

What’s that last action?

Can you show the action for the 2and one.
You.should be able get away with update action with the tag value in the update.value.

The problem is there is not a field to automate inserting text.

I believe the action is to be used within a ticket to bring up the Notes editor.

The only way to automatically insert information into the Notes section of the ticket would be using GQL.

I do not know of a way to get the column (Ticket Tags) to show up in the default Ticket Explorer. You could create your own Ticket Explorer, using an Entity screen & Reports Widget ( I think that would work), to show any column you would like.

I don’t know how often you will be needing the screen to lookup Credit Card info. It might be simpler to run a report to get the ticket number, then look it up that way. However if you a need to show other ticket info in a custom Ticket Explorer, that might be worth the effort to create a custom Ticket Explorer.

You can access GQL from within SambaPOS it does not have to be externally.

Maybe you should use Ticket Tag instead? This is how we capture this with US card integrations.

NOTE: Be careful saving the actual card numbers… it can lead to major legal troubles.

Opps, my mistake. I was thinking he was using Ticket Tags to store CC info.

thats the action as requested

@JTRTech,am trying to check but i cannot see an update ticket name action on the list.kindly clarify this.

Think it’s a typo.
There wasnt an update ticket tag action was there in the end though.
Looks like you might need to use graphql condo pragmatically.
However sure there must be a way to show tag on ticket list

Thanks for the correction sir.I just wish someone would lead me in that direction.the tags are already captured.whats only remaining is place them in the ticket list.

This would be great,but am a little green in using ticket tags.any leads would be helpful.Thanks for the concern @Jesse,but am capturing only the last digits of the transaction number…and why i need to show on the ticket list, is simply to ease counter checking without having to open the actual ticket to view the transaction details.

Look here.

This is the tutorial I was thinking you used:

It doesn’t solve wanting to see the ticket tags on the default ticket explorer.

Thats the tutorial i used…youre now stuck on showing those details on the ticket explorer.