Add Ticket - Prevent Kitchen Print until all orders are taken

Hello All,

My client is a Retirement Community. So, all their seating would/could be for multiple people. If they have a 4 topper, there could be 4 tickets on that table.

Here is my issue. I know can add tickets to the table, but, after I ‘Add Ticket’, SambaPOS sends the first order to the printer and then starts the 2nd order.

Question: Is there a way to wait until all the residents at the table ordered and send them all to the kitchen?

If you need more info, please let me know!



Seen this asked in few different ways.
Your scenario describes multiple tickets on table not orders.
i have yet to see a solution for printing multiple tickets on a single print out.
I understand what your trying to doubt not sure it’s posible.

Yeah, I’ve seen all the different ways. sigh

I have been able to overcome all of their ‘odd’ ways :slight_smile: except this one!

Does the bar tap example work for this scenario? Seems to me that it should.



Can you help me find that? I’m having a hard time finding that thread.


What do you mean? Why woulndt you want it all in the same ticket? Samba supports part payments.

Could I ask why you would want to do that, and then I think I know a solution.

There quite a few examples, I found two;


hope this points you in the wright direction


You could benefit from advanced split payment tutorial as well.

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We don’t use cash or credit cards. As a matter of fact, I have disabled the payment screen. All the extra buttons are confusing for our waiters. All we do is charge to a Customer Account. So, I have a charge customer account right on the main pos entry.

However, several residents would sit at the same table. All needing to have their tickets charged to their Customer Account.

All these need to be on the same kitchen ticket so that the kitchen can get the orders out the table at the same time. It also helps with the room on the line by having say, 6 different kitchen ticket for a 6 top table.

Does that help?

Mmmm Interesting how you want it. What I would do is have an table entity and a seat entity, Therefore you can select the seats, and have a different ticket for each customer. You would then have an AMC which asks for a table and then creates a print job and use some scripting to select all the tickets which contain that table
Your pritn job would look like something like this.

Thank you for your help. I think I need to back into this from a different direction.

I realize I need to use the Settle screen. What I need to do is get my questions together and avoid creating any confusion. I will come back with better questions.

Thank you all!!!

Why do you need to use the settle screen if there’s not cash/cards?

And sure rewrite the question but Im fairely confident I answered the question of how to only print tickets until all tickets are taken.

Here’s the process that I have come up with so far.

Start a new Ticket.
Select a table.
Enter all orders from table and send to kitchen.

Here is where it gets tricky.

The table, in this example is a 4 top.

I need to be able to split the total at the end among 2 residents, both being a couple. (Of course could be up to 4 individual people)

My issues once I start the ticket

  1. I cannot add a customer

  2. Once I press the ‘Settle’ button, I cannot charge customer account because a customer hasn’t been selected.

How do I charge customer accounts in the settle screen and split this ticket up amongst the various resident accounts?

I think if I can do that, I have this all figured out because I can send the whole ticket to the kitchen just by selecting the table. And that is fine. I just need to be able to charge specific items to the different residents accounts.

One other thing, how do I prevent on the settle screen of items combing together? Is that possible? For example, all for residents order ‘Resident Dinner’, when I press the settle screen, it shows 4 Resident Dinner. I need it to be individual so when we split, I can select each item.

I hope this makes sense.

thank you all for your help!

You should be able to select a table and a customer if they are separate entity types, you cant charge to a customer entity account if a customer isnt selected.

Additionally you cant select more than one entity of the same type (ie two customers) so you would need to split the ticket into two tickets and post each to the corresponding customer.
The flow youd be;

  • New Ticket,
  • Select Table
  • Close/Submit (Sending to kitchen)
  • Open ticket,
  • Select customer 1 orders
  • Click move orders (will split the ticket and make a new one (both on same table)
  • Select the customer
  • Charge to customer account.
  • Back to table
  • Open other ticket
  • Select customer for that
  • Charge to account


I do see how that can be benefit, and I think it is a solution,

However, when I select the items, and press the ‘Move’ button, nothing happens.

I haven’t touched the move button rule :slight_smile: so, not sure what to do after that.

After clicking move you will have two tickets on the one table.
You choose the customer for each ticket and post to there account.

Sounds like you have another issue if you cant select a customer.
You wont be able to charge to customer account without selecting the customer entity.

To do so, If I remember correctly, the ticket must be already created…


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Got it working!

I’m not sure where the setting was, but, now I can select the table, send it to kitchen, then later split out the table to the various customer charges.

All is right in the world!

Thank you everyone for your help!