Adding Meal Bundle

Hi there i have a pizza store and want to set up a meal bundle for one price. I cannot find anything in the manual. I cannot achieve with Combo meal (main, side, drink)… Here are the deals from my menu

Freedom of Choice
Two 12" Medium Pizzas (i have two mains)
One Cheesy Bread(one side)
One Drink (one drink)

i have similar to this one so if someone can help me on this i will update the rest.

thank you in advance for the help.


Why not? This is exact reason for the combo/grouping setup Jesse posted tutorial for

Can someone put together all the steps to show how we can add a meal bundle or grouping? something for new users?

The auto combo setup would work perfect for this.

Thanks Jesse

I have tried and i am almost there. need little bit of help:

When i enter the price as 0 for add promotion action it gives me the followin error and crashes

When i remove the price then it adds the item with 0 quantity each.

Please suggest action thanks

So you decided to not use the auto combo setup for this?

That will complicate things for my POS as i have so many deals for same products. Like even combo has 4 deals for 4 different sizes. Then freedom of choice has two. Then try tripple for 12 14 & 16 then try twin for same sizes. If i have them like these thats easy to organize. Auto will not be understood by all employees as customers will ask for freedom of choice. If you can help me achieve this that will be great. I am attaching my database if you have time kindly have a look at it.


CPU (751.4 KB)

Hi Jesse i have achieved the desired result. thanks to your detailed tutorial… Just one thing … i am trying to configure Gloria Food but the Frame is not Turning Green… I followed all the steps provided in documentation. Can you please suggest something?

It’s :9000 not .9000

how did you solve the problem Plz

Follow the step by step instructions by @Jesse in the following link:

Should achieve this!

This tutorial is also found in

1 Like is a very good resource however some of the tutorials may need a few tweaks just let us know if you notice any discrepancies.

how to achieve this tutorial ??

by following the tutorial? LOL
Care to elaborate? Have you started and have issues?

@JTRTech i have achieved this by following Jesse’s tutorial and he also have added the link to documents as well. What else shall i elaborate?

My reply was to smartek.
Question was how to achieve this tutorial, hence I said by following the tutorial. LOL
For him to elaborate if there was an issue and if any effort had been made to follow tutorial yet.