Adding new Payment Types

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to add new Payment Types to Payment screen.

In SambaPOS all payments are tracked under their specific Account. So first of all we need to create a new Account. All accounts needs an account type but as we already have predefined Payment Accounts type we don’t need to define a new Account Type.

Add a new Account from Management > Accounts > Accounts List. I’ll create a new Account for Amex payments.

I selected Account Type as already existing Payment Accounts type.

Now I need to create a new Payment Type to add a new payment button to the Payment Screen.

Add a new Payment Type from Management > Tickets > Payment Types.

General Settings

After typing the Payment Type name I selected Payment Transaction as the Transaction Type and newly created Amex account as the account name.

Payment Transaction is a default transaction type added for payments. I can use this existing transaction type. Transaction Types defines how a payment transaction is recorded to Account Ledger.

I also selected blue color for button. If you want you can add images or apply special formatting by using Button Header setting.

Payment Processors

On Payment Processors page I can add additional calculations for that payment type. For example I can offer discounts or apply commissions when ticket paid by Amex. You can read more about it here


To be able to make this button appear on the Payment Screen I have to add a new mapping. I’ll add a default mapping by clicking Add and leave it as is. If you want to use this payment type for a specific Department or Ticket Type you can map payment type to a specific department or ticket type from this screen.

After saving Amex Payment Type it will appear at the end of the list as shown here.

I want to display Amex button under Credit Card button. To do this click on Sort Payment Types and Drag Amex under Credit Card.

This is all we need to do to add a new Payment Type. Now I can use it to pay tickets.

I received $5.00 Amex and $1.49 Cash payments on the example.

This is how it appears on Accounting screen.

… and how it appears on the Work Period report.