[New 4.1.37] Payment Processors

A payment processor works when you click on a payment button. It can change how specific payment buttons works.

We have 5 pre-defined payment processors.

Add Calculation: It adds a configured Calculation to ticket. Useful for rounding ticket amount by payment types.

Add Discount Calculation: It does something similar to add calculation but this one better fits rate calculations such as offering discounts for specific payment types.

Add Service Calculation: This one adds rate calculations that increases the ticket amount. For example you can request commissions for credit card payments.

Ask Payment Confirmation: Only displays a dialog box to confirm payments.

Filter by Order State: It limits payments to a specific order state. Replaces [New 4.1.14] Limiting Payments by Payment Type feature.

On future versions we’ll have more processors.

You can assign multiple processors to a single payment type. For example you can first confirm payment and apply a rounding.

Above screenshot shows the configuration for Cash Payments. I’ll click settings to configure it.

I’ve typed Calculation Template and the calculation amount here. That means Cash payments will round down ticket amount to whole 1 dollar.

When activated this is how my payment screen appears.

Nothing special here because there is no need to round a value. Let’s add some discount.

Cash button displays 8.00. That means if I settle with cash ticket total will be rounded to 8.00. If a payment will change ticket amount a confirmation screen will appear.

When I confirm it SambaPOS assumes 8.00 Settled from customer. If needed it will display Change Due amount.

Our infrastructure for integrating SambaPOS to Payment Systems. So feel free to share your ideas :slight_smile:


Can make minimum& maximum Amount limitation
For Payment Type??

Not with this feature.
Why would you need to limit the payment type based on amount ?

For example minimum acceptable amount for credit card payment methods and maximum charge for Coupon.

Good examples.
Most people would charge a surcharge for credit card transactions under a certain limit. $1 if total under $10 for instance to cover CC transaction fees.
Coupons would need to be a fixed amount to work properly.

Can you Please add the option to limit payment type
By admin pin??

I’ve noted it. I’ll check if it will be simple to implement for next release.

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That would be great or if its like discount for certain amounts, ie $50 you get max 5% and $100 max 10% as an example