Adding 'Pizza' to kitchen printout

Good day.

The restaurant that I have set this up for has 2 kitchens…one for Pizzas and the other for the rest of the menu items. There is a printer in each kitchen. The problem they are having is that when the table orders a pizza and an other menu item the the main kitchen will prepare the menu item and send it out not knowing that there is a pizza, which takes longer to make, on the order. They would like some sort of wording on the printout like’Pizza Ordered’ so that they can coordinate their items to be ready when the pizza is ready and delivered to the table at the same time.

I hope that I have explained this correctly.

I tried to search for a solution but did not come up with anything. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

I think that Ticket TAGS is your solution.

Look into this and modify it to suit you:

Hope this helps you!!!


Thanks very much…I’ll give it a try tomorrow.