Adding products catogories and setting up for use

I am new to SambaPos i would like to learn everything, am using the latest version 4.1.27, any user mannual for that? I try to make changes in menu but it doesn’t make any change in pos screen(it showing the old products only), could anybody please help me how to set up this pos system as new,Thanks.

Sorry but no manuals for full setup as yet.

When you change menu items, you need to logout and log back in to refresh the POS menu.

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Thanks for your quick reply, I have tried that but it doesn’t make any difference, does the new version setup a database by its own or do we have to configure a database connection. is this problem something related with the installation?

If you can see products in the menu then you are good.

When you add new products to the Product List, you then need to add them to a menu in Menu List.

HI thanks very much for your help
All sorted, works fine.
Thanks again!!