Adding suppliers list when do purchase transaction

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i want to make a Suppliers list or account. so that when im making a purchase transaction document or making an purchase transaction order i will have a suppliers list to choose from… so in the future i know how much i got from each supplier. ?

is it possible ?

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Suppliers are Entities just like Staff, Employees, Customers and Tables. Any Entity can have an associated Account. It can also have an associated Warehouse.

Look at the Inventory system. For Inventory Transactions, you can define Account Transactions as part of your purchases and have payments go into Supplier Accounts. This way, you can see how much you spend on each Supplier Entity.

Thank You So much, i tried doing this… but for some reason… it will not show while im making a purchase order… so i don’t know… i wana be able to track also what i bought and quantities. not just prices. im confused.,
i found this post… but this only to add and account

That’s not what he was referring too. Read what he said carefully. You can create supplier Entities with their own accounts and they can be selected with the transaction document for inventory purchase. You can use reports to report on these transactions.

Version 5 makes it even easier to do.

Search for Inventory setup…

Thank You for replying.
here is what i did. and i still dont see it under accounts.
if you please can see my screenshot and tell me where did i go wrong… thank you again

Add Suppliers Account to an Account Screen.

This will not help to make purchases however - it will only show Transactions made with the Supplier(s). To buy items, use Manage > Inventory >Transactions.

In V5, this is done using the Warehouse screen:

THANK YOU :slight_smile: i did that. and i also did a transaction. the suppliers account shows however no transaction is showing in numbers

and also now i dont see anything under source ( Cerveceria ) how to i make the entities shows under Source when doing a transaction ?

here is a screenshot

thank you

Source is referring to a Warehouse. You need to define Supplier Warehouse(s)…

And Transaction setup should look like this:

Also ensure your Department Warehouse is set properly:

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Thank You So much, i did all that.
now i have the suppliers show under accounts.
and also while im making a purchase.

but when i go to accounts and account details it show no Money transaction recored or to pay.
please have a look at the attached photos

Yes, well… not sure what to tell you at this point.

V4 Account Transaction when it comes to Inventory Purchase isn’t really implemented AFAIK. I could be wrong, and @emre will need to chime in at this point, because I never used the system in that way; I used my own custom PHP solution in V4.

I know it works in V5, but I still continue to use my PHP solution most of the time.

Well, :slight_smile: Thank you so much for your great effort , u got me that far :slight_smile: i will dig in some more. Thanks Again

Generating Supplier (or anything) Account Transactions automatically while purchasing items is V5 feature. In V4 you’ll create inventory transactions and account transactions manually.


Thank You for clearing this up

Dear Emre,
i am using V5. After i did purchasing from Inventory\Transaction, Where can i check my purchase amount. I can only see Warehouse quantity changes but i can’t see purchase transaction amount.

Manage > Inventory > Transactions

Hey friends,
I have a small issue with my inventory. I have created two types of warehouses (suppliers and Desimba stores), and to create a list of suppliers and two warehouses under Desimba stores.
I would like to do main purchase to the main store then transfer in bits to the bar counter, this I have managed to do successfully. I would like the sales to only affect the bar counter inventory, right now when I do sales it affects the main store meaning it is rendering my bar counter inactive and thus not able to give me a clear picture.
Kindly help guys


The Consumption Warehouse is set in the Departments configuration.

Manage >  Settings > Departments > [department] > Warehouse