Adding Surcharges to certain payment types

Hi There,

I have a scenario where we add surcharges to Card Based Payments. The surcharges vary by the type of card used ie: Eftpos(Debit) or Amex or (Master/Visa).

The challenge is we need to be able to add/remove surcharges at the point of sale ie:a button that we can click to add the surcharge + clicking again removes the surcharge. This is to cater for scenarios where customers change their mind at the till ie: First wanting to pay by Credit Card of choice = surcharge added and later deciding to pay cash instead.

What is the best way to implement this please?

Thank you in advance.

Calculation Types can be used for this. You can have fixed amount for surcharge. Use Calculation Selectors to assign buttons at the Payment Screen.
You may want to create a new Account Type to list these separately under Accounts.

Hi John,

Thanks for the quick response. I will give this a good go, not the most familiar on how to manipulate calculations especially if it has to be able to be turned off ie: remove the added surcharges.

If you have any tips on that (removing) for me to run with in my attempt, I would much appreciate it. Thanks again for your help.

Tick Toggle in Calculation Type when you create the surcharge.

Here is a Tutorial for adding Service Charge (like Gratuity), which will work for Credit Card surcharges as well…

Thanks everyone, This works well for us. Again I am glad I am using Sambapos.