Adding two menu on the top of the POS


Everybody, I want to display two type of menu (suppose Menu A & Menu B) on the top of the POS Screen. I have already created separate two menus, and then add category and products under those two menus. Now I am not sure what should I do to show these two on the top of the pos screen. Can anybody help me please?

Warm wishes

You cant show two menus together, you can create a button to switch menus or you can create a button for each menu as a custom product button with automation command assigned and have these show, then when pressed they take you into the relevant menu

Search the forum for menu switching and custom product buttons, theres quite a bit of info there to help you

Switching menu when in a ticket is only available in v5.


Hi Farhad,

You can do this using @Vasilios tutorial

Im using this for my lunchtime and early evening menu’s

He is using v4 and that tutorial will only work for v5 but if he wants to try that he can try trial version of v5.

Ah, yes didnt notice that he was on V4. Thats why your a leader @Jesse lol