Switch Menus with FAST MENU

In my restaurant we have a few menus that we use throughout the day and need to change in between on the fly. I have used FAST MENU and CUSTOM BUTTONS to keep all the menus at the top of the screen. Here is a tutorial if this is something you’re interested in… and because I’m bored

1 – Set up Action and Rule to Change Menu.


We do not need to make and AUTOMATED COMMAND for this since we will be typing in the AUTOMATED COMMAND in a column later in the menu category

Make sure you do this for all the menus you want to switch in between.

2- Set up the menu
Under each menu add a category called MENU

Then select the MENU category and hit ADD CUSTOM BUTTON

Once you have created all the necessary CUSTOM BUTTONS within the MENU category Select Menu and hit EDIT PRODUCT PROPERTIES

Under the AUTOMATION COMMAND column add the name of the AUTOMATION COMMAND you made in the menu change rule above

While here I have set the color of the menu I am currently on in RED so it shows which menu I am currently on.

So now that we have all the menus you want to switch in between added under the MENU category go to the EDIT CATEGORY BUTTON and SELECT FAST MENU

NOW at the top of that menu the FAST BUTTONS will appear with all your MENUS.
For this to work smoothly and so you can switch back and forth go to each of the MENUS you have added and repeat the steps.

When adding the MENU category to the other menus it is important to keep the same order and naming that way they match under each menu and servers wont make mistakes selecting menus


Great idea thank you.

Nice one, that’s a good shout, like it.

That’s nice, I could see where this will be REALLY useful.

Even in hospitality setup :smiley:

Thanks @Vasilios

This is going to work great for my early evening menu. Ive been looking all over the forum for something like this. Thanks you

Thanks for being bored!

I have something similar setup to this.
If the first item I add to the ticket is from any of the other menus (eg. Breakfast or Lunch from tutorial above) it switches back to the default menu(Main in tutorial) immediately.
If i go back to any of the other menus for second item it will stay on that menu.
It only switches back on the first item added.

Has anyone else experienced this or is it a configuration error on my end?

Do you use different ticket types?

I will be but I have just the one ticket type at the minute for testing

@Vasilios do you still use this setup?
Did you ever notice it switching back to default menu after adding 1st item?

Yea I still use the setup. I haven’t noticed what your seeing…

I also have it set up to start with different menus (ex. between 9-11 it loads directly to breakfast menu, 11-2 lunch menu and so on) so that might be why it doesn’t do that for me

Yes, i have this problem too.

I would hazzard a guess it is setting menu on ticket created event and thats why vasilios is not having the problem in guessing his menu by time is being set on ticket created event as so it probably is changing to default but then to the set menu based on time afterwards but too quick to see.

So on ticket created it resets to the departments default menu (if assigned) and ticket type default menu if no department menu assigned. So this should be happening on @Vasilios setup too.

Is it possible to override the menu switching on ticket creation. Or do I need to remove default menus and get creative with rules to assign the menus for me?

In some cases SambaPOS may activate Menu that assigned to Ticket Type so if you’re handling menus with Change Screen Menu action try disabling Ticket Type’s menu assignment by clicking X button next to menu selection combo box editor. Let me know if it solves your issue.

here is the menu setup I have its very simple.

I use the same change menu action as before

here is the rule

I have the menu switching working fine.
If the first item added is from my Item menu, It switches back to my main (default) menu.
After the ticket is created (first item added) it does not switch back. to my default menu

Think you missing whats tried to be said, its not 1st item added which is changing the menu its ticket created.
@Vasilios doesnt have this issue as he is switching menu on ticket created not before ticket created.
To confirm make a button to create ticket then;
create ticket,
change menu,
add item
if creating the ticket before changing menu means it doesnt change menu on item added it confirms this and then we can work arround that.

That’s what i meant

After the ticket is created (first item added)

As in the ticket is created after the 1st item is added. That is why it does not switch on subsequent orders.

I will have a play around with some automation to see if I can make it behave how I want it to.
I was hoping there was something simple I was missing.

No ticket will be created BEFORE item adding else whats it adding the order to? :slight_smile:

I believe the menu is being reset on ticket created not order added which is what i was trying to explain, creating ticket before adding the item will confirm this either way.