Admin/Manager needs to print individual server sales reports

I need my Admin and/or Manager to be able to run individual server/waitress sales reports and I am confused on how to do that.

So what your asking is how to build a report that shows specific users sales? Because an admin can do just about anything… your not asking that right?

Well we tried it last night and I may not know what I am doing but it printed a long report with each user on it, and it can also print a report for just the admin.
I need to be able to print individual ones to hand to each server so they can put it in their bank bag.

Ok sorry your topic and question were not very clear I wanted to be sure what you were asking. So your asking how to build a report that can be printed for individual users. Give me a moment I will show you how. You will need to create an Entity screen for it.

I will prepare something for you to look at give me a few minutes.


Ok this is a crude simple example but I will share with you how I did it. You can customize it for your needs.


@digeratimvp Does that look like something you could use?

Possibly. Let me show the Manager tonight and see. It may need more details in the report which shouldn’t be a problem.

Well like I said that was just a quick example you can modify the report to show whatever you want.

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Ok she said I will work, so how is this implemented?

Its quite simple I will share with you one second.

First here is the Report you can add whatever fields you want into the report.

[Employee Reports:1,1,1]
>User|Ticket No|Ticket Total
{REPORT TICKET DETAILS:T.User,T.TicketNumber,T.TotalAmount:(TU=$1)}

Create an Entity screen set it to Layout mode.


Create a Refresh Employee Report action


Create a Refresh Employee Report rule:


Create a Print Employee Reports action:


Create a Print Employee Reports Rule


On the Entity Screen create a Label Widget and set it as follows:

Create a Custom Report Viewer widget with following settings:

Create an Editor Widget with the following settings;

Create a Command Button widget with the following settings:

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Right click on the Report Widget and choose properties and be sure to name it EmployeeReports


Looks great! Let me play with this and get back with results.


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Are you sure we are not missing some screenshots of making some automated commands?

Not only did I have a lot of trouble with making the entity screen look halfway decent, its not working at all for me.

The report itself is not working.

It won’t work from there because it uses the setting to load the user for report. It’s case sensitive too. Show your widget settings

Something is now jacked up. When I right click anywhere, there is no Design mode option.
Let me mess with it. Never mind I need to log in as admin…