Admin/Manager needs to print individual server sales reports

Would like to get this working so we can us it tonight.

I’m away atm when I get back I’ll look at it for you.

What about the editor widget show it’s settings. Also be sure the user you typed has settled tickets within that work period. If you need better date controls we can add that later.

I cant get this to work. The design part is pissing me off.

Editor Widget Settings

This command is typed in, not listed. Is that correct?


Yes that’s fine. You don’t have to create an actual command. The widget will pass that to the rule. When I get home I’ll package it up in a dbtools file for you to import.

It’s ok don’t get frustrated it’s a somewhat advanced feature to build. Your probably missing a small detail.

If you would like to try a remote session using something like gotomypc or something let me know.

Im out of town on my phone atm. In couple hours I’ll be back. The import file will work just wait for that.

In the mean time show your rules I asked you to make.

Create Refresh Employee Report action:

Create a Refresh Employee Report rule:

Create a Print Employee Reports action:

Create a Print Employee Reports Rule:

And of course the report.

Made lots of sales as admin today, nothing.

Is it admin or Admin or Administrator?

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Its Admin, but I can do admin or Admin and no change. I can do any user and no listing.

Yeah something is not setup right im back now give me a few I’ll upload a file for yoi

It looks like you have everything setup correctly. I can remote in if you need. I use AnyDesk if you have it.

Ok at this time I’m in the gym. Could you upload or email the file and I’ll try it on my test box first.

Well from looking at your config its all setup correctly. But yes let me pack it up (1.9 KB)

I just tested that on a stock database and it worked.