Advanced shift and till reporting

I’m looking for a little advice on best methods to accomplish some sort of cash management with SambaPOS.

I have a customer that is a theme park, and not a restaurant. All sales are takeout, there are no tables, however there are presales tickets tied to pavilion reservations. Shifts are staggered by department with several departments and do not start and end at the same time.

I am trying to figure out the best method to implement some sort of cash management by terminal. So for example, at the beginning of a shift, the employee shows up with a cash drawer and enters the amount into the system via a prompt. At the end of their shift, they count the cash and enter the amount of money again. I would want to be able to report on this and compare cash sales to make sure the drawer contains the proper amount of money.

I can’t really use work periods, or even virtual work periods assuming that I’m correct in understanding you can’t have more than one virtual work period in a day. I’ve seen some tutorials about changing live tickets to presale tickets in order to end work periods and start a new one, but I’m not really dealing with tables or tickets that remain open for more than a minute or two, although I have other presales tickets that must remain presales tickets.

I don’t think using any form of work periods will work since each department starts and end shifts at a different time.

I was thinking of some sort of automation that would just prompt for till values, maintain that information independently for each terminal, and be able to report on the starting and ending cash and match it up to cash sales. Work periods wouldn’t really come into play at all.

I’m relatively new to SambaPOS and trying to deal with a number of advanced requests to implement in a timely manner so I am reaching out for some input from all of you who are more knowledgeable.

Once I figure a lot of this out, I can help build tutorials for everyone else to use for things that aren’t already on the forums. This likely won’t be the last issue I post about, but I think it’s a good one to start with.

Thanks in advance, and if I am asking something that has already been covered, I apologize. I have spend a considerable amount of time reading a lot of other peoples solutions but I haven’t quite found something I can modify for my own use.


there are cash up screen example on the forum if you want that.
Then for reporting, can maybe key to user or some other factor. Maybe even a shift ticket tag with number generated when user starts shift.
There are lots of possibilities.

If its just per terminal then shouldn’t be too hard. Worst case just duplicate payment types and map to terminal ie cash t1, cash t2 etc, dont that as a quick per till system before.
You can split most things just using custom reports so long as you can work a constraint factor with your shift system.

The thing with samba is there is rarely a single fixed way to do something like that.

These topics may help you with generating reports per terminal.

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Thanks for the tips. I’m still working through this.

I basically need to start with a drawer amount, and be able to begin and end a “shift” by entering a drawer amount and track every drawer through the end of the day being able to determine which “shift” has a discrepancy if one arises.

So user and terminal are both important as well as date and time. For example for department A, shift may be 12:00pm to 4:30pm and 4:30pm to 9:00pm. Each one of those periods would have a basic single terminal “work period” report style shift report even though the work area only ends daily at the end of the night.

Users are difficult to use without terminal because users move around to different terminals.

At the end of the day the managers want to count the money in the drawer to make sure it matches the ending value that it should, that the cash sales match the ending value, and figure out the deposit and then make a new drawer for the next day and start all over.

I will try to post some screen shots as I progress if it’s any different from the tutorials.

Those two shifts are same person on split? Would they use same drawer that they took out after lunch shift?

Here’s a couple of examples I have done

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I’ll add my latest version when I can find it on the forum lol

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