Advice needed for optimal setup

Hi, i found in sambapos a very powerful and stable software! then i decided to build a setup for my restaurant but i have some doubt.The restaurant is divided in two floor, but the menu is the same:
-upstairs there is the main restaurant hall and the kitchen

  • downstairs there is the pub (with a large outdoor space with some tables)

I guess i need some tablets (connected in RDP to the server) and two cash drawers (one on each floor). The kitchen setup is ready, but how can i manage two cash driver? I need to print fiscal receipt upstairs from downstairs and vice versa is that possible?

Actually my setup is:
3 tablet android for rdp
1 cash drawer with windows 7 pro (without a printer)
2 thermal printer in the kitchen
1 server with microsoft sql server express 2012 running on windows 7 pro
I think the best thing to do,would be adding two ethernet fiscal thermal printers to the cash drawer (one in each floor, both connected with the server). Is that correct? Any advice on which printer works better with sambapos?

Thanks in advance for your patience. Stefano

thanks a lot for your answer, now i have some minor problem to complete my setup:

  1. i want to add on the ticket an amount based on a ticket tag. This ticket tag it’s a number and the amount to add on the ticket it’s 1,50€*ticket tag value. I have set ticket tag but i can’t add any amount on the ticket

  2. at the moment i have only one printers to print order, when i submit an order to the kitchen samba must do: 2 copies of the order without beverages and 1 copy of the order with only beverages. For now i have split them by product group in print orders to kitchen printer job page and I set 2 copies for this print job in automation. But samba print two copies of kitchen order and beverages. There is a tag for ticket template to hide item with a certain product tag?

My kitchen order template:

<L00>Ticket No:{TICKET NO}



<J00>- {QUANTITY} {NAME}|**Void**

-- Format for order tags
<L00>     * {ORDER TAG NAME}


Thanks again!

I think I’ve covered most of these inside this tutorial. Did you checked that? See Configuring Bar Items topic.

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Thanks emre i will read this tutorial very soon!
For the other problem i’ve tried to follow this thread

I’ve read a lot of thread about add tip on a ticket or a service charge based on a percentage of ticket amount but my case is a little different. I need to add an amount to the ticket based on the number of people sitting at a certain table. I have defined a ticket tag to store how many costumers are at the table and it splash to the screen when i select a table,

then i’ve set accounts, transaction type and calculation types but here i don’t know how to set it (fixed rate or custom or whatever else).

then i set action and rule:

i must only add to the ticket amount the ticket tag value multiplied by a fixed amount (1,50€) without any variation for other price reported in the ticket. I’m going crazy for something seemingly so simple

then the actual result:

Regarding your last screen shot how do you expect to settle Coperto separately?