After install sambapos v4 what next for server and client

I already install SambaPos4 and the problem i dont know how to setting SambaPos4 to make one computer for server and one computer for client.
Please advice me step by step for server and client setting in SambaPos4, because i need to open restaurant soon, please.

Thanks in advance

So you need two terminals correct?

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yes, two terminal. one for server and one for client

means 1 for cashier and 1 for staff/waiter

So have you installed SQL Express yet?

yes but i dont know how to configure

This tutorial will help you it works for version 5 or version 4. In the future I recommend you take advantage of forum search or use the Tutorials categories they cover everything you might need.

If you have troubles this is a good one to diagnose problem:

Here is a good general tutorial for SambaPOS setup portion of Database

Is that ok if i used windows 7 version Ultimate for both computer?

You can yes, but why not take advantage of free upgrade to windows 10?

i will. one more thing i want to ask you about the RDP, is that relate to this installation. If yes, what should i do…

Something you should understand about RDP. To get RDP to work with more than 1 terminal at a time you have to run a Windows Server operating system and you have to purchase licenses for each terminal. This can get very expensive.

Its best to just run two Windows Machines and hook each one to the database and run with Wired Ethernet. You already said both your machines are Windows 7 machines so your all set. Just follow the tutorials I mentioned and you will be fine.

If using tablets in the future interest you then I suggest investing in some Windows Tablets not android or apple. Windows tablets can connect to the database with a local install of SambaPOS. Apple or Android tablets will not let you install SambaPOS locally so you are forced to use RDP and like I said RDP is very expensive.

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i will work on it, thank you so much for your advice and i really appreciate.

I heard people started to wire their ipad’s :slight_smile: Someone seriously invented ethernet cable for ipad.

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I already follow your step tutorial, everything done for server but after install sambapos v4 on client PC then i go to ‘Local Setting’ then type server name address at Client PC on ‘Connection String’ Box but notification appear as per attached

what should i do? please advice

You can correct connection string in this error dialog, click OK and restart SambaPOS. If you believe if it is already correct this document will help solving the issue.

You have no instance name in your string. Read what Emre showed you and be sure your connection string is setup correct. The screenshot shows it’s not setup correctly due to missing instance.

ok, if server done what should i do on client PC. i mean step by step for client PC configuration

Fix your connection string it’s wrong. Your missing SQL instance name after server name. It might look like this:

Data Source=mancow2\SQLexpress;

that is my Data Source portion of my string… look at yours and how its different:

Data Source=Boss-PC;

What is missing from yours?

Find the SQL instance name and insert it after your server name like \instancename;

can you fix for me through team viewer, if possible