After setting up the Package Service, Table Colors Disabled(Stucked)

I used this link for Package Delivery from here i set everything and all of the samba functions are ok. Except the table colors disabled when their status changed or not. They r not changing colors anymore. White forever. or dark(with theme) .

But its a clean db so i can post it here i think.
I tried to upload the file to the forum but OOOoo im a new user :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I have to remove database backup link as it may break your license.

For the color issue please ensure “Display State” for the related entity screen correctly set. If you’re not sure please post screenshots that displays your entity screen (tables?) configuration.


U actually dont have to do it, we r on a new setup and there is no license yet. But after all the setup this standart feature is not working :frowning:

Sure i almost sure about the color statuses but u can sure look at them here
ss 1 -
ss 2 -
ss 3 -

And a note: Ticket Status are updating there are no problem about status changin. Just the color are problem now.

And if u wonder about action rules settings, I can post the DB again.

And the oscar goes to Hoooly Mee !!! :slight_smile: I fixed it using “Status” word at the “Görünüm Durumu:” field at the third ScreenShot . Halelujah Elhamdülillah thanks god and thank u emre for interesting me, motivating me :slight_smile: