SambaPOS 5.1.59 Release

Hello. This release fixes reported issues and introduces some new features.


###Traditional Chinese Language Added

Thanks to @markjw for helping us on Traditional Chinese Translations.

###Navigating to specific Management Modules

In some cases you may want to permit users to access certain management modules like price lists or menus. You can use Navigation Module parameters to create Navigation Screen buttons for price lists as shown on this example.

Create a new Automation Command that mapped to Navigation module and configure it to navigate to Management Module.

For Management Navigation Button we support displaying a specific management screen via parameters.

It is in [Category Name]:[Command Name] format so Products:Price List Editor parameter will display just the price list.

When there is a navigation parameter we’ll disable navigation bar so user won’t be able to switch to other sections.

Details about some fixes.

Nested Settings syntax now works properly, for example:


The above syntax was returning empty values prior to .59 update, so it could not reliably be used in Constraints.

The Entity Updated Event now has access to Entity values such as:


Prior to .59 update, the Event did not return Entity values except for Entity Type.

Print Job Mappings now properly support Product Tags, both with and without specifying the Custom Tag Caption, so both of these appear to work:

With Tag Caption “MenuItemType” (more granular control):


Or simply without Tag Caption (less granular):


I believe any Tag containing a matching word will suffice, so if you have at least 1 Product Tag Caption defined that contains the value “Food”, then the mapping will apply.

###Refresh Tax Transactions Maintenance

If you notice custom reports based on tax account transactions does not match to base tax report totals you can use this function to sync tax account transactions.

Related Topic:

###Focused Editor Widget

If you have a multiple editor widgets on a custom entity screen you can use this setting to make that widget appear as focused when custom screen navigated.

Custom Scale Improvements

Custom Scale Device improved to solve some reported issues regarding missing values or incorrectly formatted readings. You can use “String Format” setting to control decimals read from scale. For example “0.###” format will read up to 3 decimal places.


Hi SambaPos Team !!
@emre Thank you for this awesome contribution.
I was wondering if you are planning to release the translation to spanish (3rd most spoken language) soon? Now we have chinese and english why no spanish? :smiley:


The community contributed to help make it happen. If community contributes for Spanish then we might see it.


i can help with the spanish translation