Allmost ready to go LIVE! two questions!

If it is not a tax using service charge will be better because tax is calculated based on products and it may create issues. Service charge calculated based on ticket total and I think this is what you need to use.

We have a tutorial about adding service charges. How to add services charge?

Like I mentioned there you can apply service charges via “Update Ticket Calculation” action. In this case you don’t need to create different ticket types.

###A Quick Tutorial

My table names starts with B and M letters. So I want to add service charge if my table name starts with B and not for else.

I’ll start by creating an account for servicing fee.

I need a Account Transaction Type for that account.

I’ll add %5 servicing fee. Please notice how I mapped calculation to Account Transaction Type.

On that step we need to create a calculation selector but since we need to decide fee by table name we’ll do it by using “Update Ticket Calculation” action. I’ll create a new action.

Now I’ll create a rule that works as soon as I choose a table and I’ll update fee. I’ll handle Ticket Entity Changed event.

Please note how I check if table name starts with B letter.

Finally map that rule to a department. If you create multiple departments you can map this rule to a single department.

Let’s see what happens.

There is no fee for table M13 since it’s name starts with M letter.

When we create a ticket for B22 table it adds servicing fee.

This is just one of the possible customizations. In fact there is no “servicing fee by table name” feature built-in but we can configure SambaPOS to work that way. I strongly recommend you to practice these features since you can implement any idea to customize SambaPOS for your business. So you can change these rules when needed or create more complex logic for finer control.