Allow free tagging but not pricing

I would like to use order tags to allow an operator to assign tips to individual members of staff. Often, after a dive customers will say “please give the guide $10 and please split $10 amongst the boat and support crew” - This $20 is often added to the whole bill which is processed by the operator. The money is put in the till, but the tip is recorded as a separate transaction type within SambaPOS.

I know this sounds diving specific, but in a restaurant context think of it as a “Please give $5 dive to the desert chef” and you will see why this functionality could be useful.

Sometimes we have freelance staff, or people on short-term contracts. For this reason it would be good to allow free-tagging, but the free-tag price field is likely to add unnecessary confusion. Is it possible to hide it?

I would like to use the following report to detail all tips received per person. This report is made possible by using order tags:

> $1
{REPORT ORDER DETAILS:T.TicketNumber.asc,T.Date,T.TotalAmount,EN.Customers,OT.Tips,O.Price:(OT.Tips=$1)}
> ||||$1| {REPORT ORDER DETAILS:O.Price.sum:(OT.Tips=$1)}

I have read this post, but I don’t think the solution would provide such a quick method for the operator to assign the tips, or for the reporting to work as effectively.

You could add the tag using automation rather than mapping it, that would allow you to maybe use ask question or ?prompt rather than the default free tagging

Yeah, that would work well. I’ll take a look and see how it works