Free Tagging Option without price

Looking at various ways we can use Order Tags, I was thinking of an option to not request a price for Free Tags and to make the Free Tag more like a text box that you can grow as you are typing a note for that product.

What kind of a use case you have on your mind master?

As weird as it sounds, I am setting up a workshop repair booking product.
This will be marked as pre-order and I want to be about to type a brief message like “Check for oil leak”, or “Has flat spot at 4000rpm”.
There is no need for a price with these Order Tags, so I thought an option to remove the price field would make it a little neater. Beside if you type something long, the + disappears off the screen.

Interesting :slight_smile: Why do you prefer order tags instead of ticket notes? Do you have multiple items on same ticket?

Ticket notes are great for the final list of what was done. But you can only have one Ticket Note.
But I was thinking more along the lines of Workshop Book-In to itemise what needs to be done. Then Workshop Completion to list what was actually done in the workshop.

Think of it as an Order Note.

This is an example of the receipt. Some Order Tags are pre-defined.

    Tumut Motorcycle    
  Accessories Pty Ltd   
        78 Adelong Road, Tumut NSW 2720         
  Phone: (02) 6947 1797   Fax: (02) 6947 1293   
              ABN: 89 092 507 830               
Date: 6/03/2014                  Tax Invoice: 84
Time: 2:00 AM                 Sales Rep: Brayden
-------------------- Items ---------------------
                 Rego - KMBRLY                  
- Balance Front Tyre                            
- Balance Rear Tyre                             
- Rego Bike                                     
- Safety Inspection                             
- Check front forks for oil leaks               
BRAKE PADS EBC (FA208TT)                        
* 20% Discount - RRP $39.95            1x $31.96
FOAM AIR FILTER (48-040-16)                     
* 10% Discount - RRP $27.00            1x $24.30
LGE SLIM LINE VISU FILTER 1/4 (VF704)           
* 10% Discount - RRP $9.50              1x $8.55
FORK SEAL 36X48X10.5 (3312900)                  
* 10% Discount - RRP $30.00            1x $27.00
FORK OIL EXPERT 10W MEDIUM (16-631-01)          
                                       1x $22.00
BIKE REGO                                       
                                       1x $27.50
-------------------- Notes ---------------------
Balance front & rear tyres
Performed safety inspection - passed
Replaced foek seals & oil
Replaced air & oil filter
Replaced front brake pads
-------------------- Total ---------------------
GST (Inc)                                 $12.85
Total           $ 141.31
Tendered                                   $0.00
Change                                     $0.00
               T H A N K   Y O U                
      Returns only accepted within 7 days       
    from purchase and in original packaging.    

I’m still thinking for different options. I’m wondering something. How does tag buttons appears when you type long tasks?

I’m thinking if it relates with

On 4.1.21 I’ve improved free tagging a little by supporting enter key and correctly focusing to controls. I’m highly interested on this topic because I think such improvement will also improve our reservation features. I only can’t decide if we should focus on order tag entering screen or create alternative input methods.