Alphabetic sort possibility entity screen, Customer Tickets


We’re using SambaPos V4 fotr a while now and were very happy with it.

While customizing to our needs i searched for the possibility to show customer tickets in a alphabetic order. Very practical for us because on a evening we sometimes have more then 50 open tickets. They all pay at the end of the evening.
I searched the forum for how to realise this but couldn’t find.
For now i use the customer search option but it would be so comfortable to have a alphabetic sorted Customer Ticket sceen.

Can someone help me out?

Thanks in advance,

Peter Jan

We don’t update V4 anymore but can add this to V5. @QMcKay should we sort items automatically by name if not sorted manually on entity screen? I think that will affect your customer selection screen and customer names appears alphabetically.

Yes, I would prefer all DB records be sorted alphabetically rather than by ID as it is now.

This is especially useful for a Customer Entity Grid. At this time, the Entities are sorted by ID (creation time) instead of alphabetically. The only way to overcome this is to turn off "Auto State Filter", and add each Entity to the list manually, then sort them manually in that list, which as I have mentioned is a PITA since you need to do this via management every time you add a new Customer. Having * in State Filter is so much better, but then the Customers are not listed alphabetically.

This issue of sorting is evident in many areas in management, even today, and even though we have search functionality, it would be soooo nice to just have these things listed alphabetically instead …