Amount of people per table

My question is similar to this topic, I need every table to ask the number of people, this in order to have a statistic of consumption for each person on average, I explain, with this function could know how are selling my workers and Know how much each customer consumes on average.

Thug has been covered many many times.
Ask question or before ticket closing event which prompts for a cover count and updates a ticket tag.

I went a different route at the hotel where I have a course state of food items for starter main and desert and cover tag is only required if there is food items on the ticket and it shows a prompt prefilled with a count of the number of main meals.
Then if another added it shows ask question saying ‘cover count currently different to number of mains, would you like to’ and then dynamic buttons which show leave as x covers, change to X, or set different buttons.

Well, you did not answer anything specific.

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I did :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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