Tracking Number of Persons

Ticket Tags are useful to track additional info with tickets. You can use Ticket Tags for almost anything but on this tutorial we’ll see how to use it to track Person Count.

We’ll start with adding a Ticket Tag from Management > Tickets > Ticket Tags.

I named it as Person Count. I also changed untagged color to display different button color when no tag is selected. Person Count is a numerical value so I selected Tagging Type as Numeric.

I’ll switch to Ticket Tags page and add tags.

You can add more tags if needed. Now I need to map it to a Ticket Type.

I’m mapping it to Ticket ticket type because I don’t want to use this feature for other ticket types such as delivery tickets.

Now I’ll create a new ticket to show you how it works.

Person Count button added to left commands section. It displayed in dark red since no person count selected yet. Click it to display tag buttons.

When we choose a tag we’ll see our selection under order list.

Create few tickets to see how it displayed on reports.

Report displays how many tickets we created with each ticket tag, their totals and other useful totals.

##Forcing user to choose Person Count

We have two options to force user to choose a ticket tag.

When Selection Required setting is enabled user can’t settle, print ticket without selecting Person Count.

Ask before creating ticket setting is useful ask person count on creating new tickets. In this case clicking an empty table will first display person count tags and after selection new ticket appears.


We can use rules and actions to automate some actions. For example we can add a product to ticket automatically when Person count selected.

I can use it to add cover charge but I want to show something different. For example I want to serve tea (or some starters) to tables in advance.

I’ll start by creating required actions.

I’ll use this action to add free Tea into tickets. Quantity defined as a variable because I’ll pass person count from rule. Order state is Gift because I want gift that item. Gifts should decrease inventory but price should not calculate.

I’ll create a rule to execute that action when person count selected.

When we tag a ticket Ticket Tag Selected event runs. When that happens I’ll check if this tag is “Person Count” tag and if it is I’ll execute “Add free Tea to ticket” action. To configure this I’ve selected Ticket Tag Selected event from “Event Name” combo. I added a constraint to check Tag Name and finally I clicked “Select Action” link to select “Add free to Ticket” action.

If you remember we configured Quantity parameter as a variable on action. When you expand blue action box you’ll see a field that you can write values. You can type any value here but we need to pass selected tag value so quantity becomes person count.

Finally I’ve switched to Mappings page and added default mapping to map it to ticket types.

Let’s see how it works. Create a new ticket and choose person count.

As we select person count as 3 it adds 3 free tea into the ticket.


How can I show the person count on the bill also?


Add {TICKET TAG:X} to your Template, and it will print the given Tag on the Bill. In this case, use:

{TICKET TAG:Person Count}

Thanks! Working great.

Hello. Everything works as you say on Samba 1.4.48.

A serious question: how do you enter a price per person in some nights and other nights not?

I’m using now the tracking of people like a product and then as modifier change price each, but this ticket tags system seems to me better.

What to do?

Guest:|{REPORT TICKET TOTAL:(TT=Guest)} ----> gives total amount from guest
{REPORT TICKET COUNT:(TT=Guest) ------> gives number of occurence of tag used


[N]Müştəri sayı|[C]Tarix
How add Date/ Daily guest count


Can we make this thing to be shown near the Table Number ?
Let’s say that a customer calls and I book a table for him, Table NR.10, and near the name of the table should be: NR.10 - (3), 3 for the nr. of clients.


Not with v4, but v5 has features that would support this. You can put nearly anything on the Table Entity screen in v5.

Ok, thanks. Any chance to be released this week ? :smiley: