Android App Devices Limit

Sure this was mentioned but cant find.
App licences with multiple devices. If staff were to use their own devices is it apps connected at anyone time?
Ie could you have 6 staff/devices but only say 2 would connect at any one time?

You can install application any number of device. But only number of licenses can be used simultaneously


What defines a device not being in use? Inactivity?
Guess would need to experiment with what happens with app in background and not active, ie staff not taking orders but working bar or something.

You must logout from Mobile client for dropping a license. If you dont it still use license so other cannot login if they havent got enough license.

You mean just logout the user (i.e. the waiter) right?

From my understanding and how I have always presented it, it is limited on concurrent use, so you can have app installed and configured on 6 devices but license for 2, meaning any 2 of those 6 devices can be used at the same time. So if you let waiters use their own device (bad idea) they can all have app setup and configured but license is only needed for the max number using at the same time.

Own device was directors ideas for staff not sharing a device due to coronavirus risk assessments.
Probably irelevent as android app doesn’t allow for most of the custom cknfig for the hotels.

So what happens if the device leaves network without logging out?

It needs to be logged out to release the license. It does not use a concurrent connection.

So if they don’t log out and they leave, then the license is not released.

Logged out you mean log out on the app with the SambaPOS user right?

Yeah obviously right now is a unique situation. In normal circumstances I would discourage clients wanting to let staff use own device because if a staff member dropped / broke their phone while at work, they could claim against their employer that they were asked to use the device and therefore the employer becomes liable for the repair / replacement cost, creating a tricky situation.

Yes logged out of the mobile app. Not the phone itself .

QR code menu ordering will be a big deal going forward. Customers can use their own device scan a qr code on a table and order and pay for their own food. Full contactless. This will be the future.

No app to install either. Just a simple webapp can be instantly loaded .

But we don’t have a solution for that yet right?

When will that be available? There’s another POS company I’ve used before that developed and rolled this exact same thing out in a matter of weeks

Will that interface directly with samba V5 or will need something else for it to work?

I believe RestaJet have the QR code ordering right now, and you can get integration to SambaPOS, but I’m not 100% sure…

But you are probably better waiting for a pure SambaPOS solution

Hi All
We are looking for a solution for our bar where the customer can order and pay for drinks from their mobile and the order is sent to the bar, once poured order can be taken to a pickup point. No contact.

That is coming to Sambapos. It is not ready yet but it will be. I don’t have an ETA but we are working on it.

That is great news, we will be very interested in it. We cant open yet any way.

Hi @Jesse any updates on this ordering solution. Have a couple of clients interested to go with it.