Android Caller Id

With Android Caller Id you will be able to transfer incoming calls from your phone to SambaPOS like a normal caller id device. You can follow your customers and able to receive your orders.
To use this feature, you must have SambaPOS version 5.2.22. You can download the Android app to your phone at the address below. You can purchase your licence from the Communiy Portal.


I can’t connect the app to sambapos, I don’t understand if it’s because the license is missing.

You will need a license.

I wanted to test the operation, isn’t there a way to prove it?

I don’t think there is a trial. They have video of it. Works like other callerid devices but uses your cell phone.

I use sambapos in Italian, do I need to configure some action?
how does the number pass? and how can it be used?

It works just like all the other devices. You add the callerid device and configure it like any other callerid device.

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Hi guys
I bought the caller id for android.
Any idea why is not activated?
Android app gives Message to go to sambamarket to buy the app

Do you have latest version of Sambapos and did you install callerid device in Sambapos. And is it connected to the same network your database is on.

Yes and yes and yes…:thinking:

Try logging out of market in Sambapos and close sambapos then reopen it and log back in market.

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You can find setup document on

Ok its connecting now but after one call is stoping service.
I turn on and again after one call its stopping service.

Stop service? What do you mean.

So it’s not receiving calls after that?

No after one call its stopping

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I’ll test it tonight on my phone. I’ve not tested it yet.

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What kind of device did you use ? Android version and device model?

We upload a fresh version to the same link. Can you test it please.