Android Caller Id

New version come. We fixed the high CPU usage in SambaPOS. You can download new apk from here:


Finally we release Caller ID app in Google Play. Please update from there.

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Congratulations realy nice, i was waiting for that!

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I have the license under my account in my CP but it keeps saying License Limit exceeded visit Samba Market for buying license. @VehbiEmiroglu any idea?

EDIT: Ok i got license to work but now I have another problem. The app crashes every time a phone call comes in. It appears the version that crashed on incoming calls is what made it to the app store.

I am on a Google Pixel 3.

Am I the only person that finds that comical? Caller ID app that crashes on incoming calls LOL
Dont get me wrong, I dont have an app of any sorts in any app store.
Cant think what show/movie its from but makes me think of a scene where hes having a dig at another guy saying ‘you only had one bloody job and you f**d it’ :stuck_out_tongue:


It either crashes or the service just stops and it never gets the call. I hope we can fix it soon I was going to show it off at the business expo coming up next week.

Which version did you test ? Did you install it from Google Play?

Which version did you test ? Did you install it from Google Play?

Yes Google play. Latest one

Ok we are looking logs. What’s your device’s specs. Vendor and Android OS version

It’s a pixel 3 running latest Android. Google’s own device.

Latest Android? Is that Android 9 ?

Ok we saw something for Android 9. Did you see this problem in earlier versions?

No I don’t think so.

Ok we revoke some permission in latest version. But Google report that in Android 9 we must get that.

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Can you please test new release from this link

Hello its be needfull to have a sambapos5 pro license for caller id?

You will need v5 yes.

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It will only work with v5 and you need a license for the callerid module.

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