[ANN] SambaPOS needs help (once more)

Few days ago SambaPOS elected as one of the most successful startup projects in Turkey.


Your previous contributions helped a lot and everybody liked our presentation. We appreciate your support. Thank you very much.

As a result of this we’ve invited to Startup Turkey event. This is a 3 day private organization and we’ll present SambaPOS to 700 people. A lot of business people, Angles and VC’s from different countries will attend. It will start at 20 Feb - Antalya Rixos Hotel and we are very excited to show people what we’ve achieved.

So we’ll need your support once more to create the best presentation of the event.

Until 12nd Feb you can contribute to our presentation by sending videos, photos or testimonials. It can be a 5-10 sec video which you or your staff speaking in front of SambaPOS screen. It will be best in your local language. If we can get enough contribution we’re planning to prepare a printed portfolio so every contribution will help.

You can post under this topic or send to emreeren@gmail.com if you want to keep it private.

Best Regards.


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Thanks to everyone who wants to help us on our presentation. This is just a reminder…

Only 3 days left !
Only 2 days left !
1 day left!