[ANN] SambaPOS Needs Help. Pls read

Hello. I hope you liked V4, our new website and forum. We’ll keep delivering features you’ll love.

These days we’re preparing to an important event for us. I’m preparing a presentation and I need your help to make it perfect. I need some nice SambaPOS user photos or videos. If you have time a short video testimonial will be awesome. Please share your story and let me show people our progress. You can simply paste it here or if you want to keep it private you can send to my e-mail. emreeren@gmail.com or emre@sambapos.com. We’ll use them only for the presentation. Thank you for your interest.

Edit: We need it until 8 January. If you prefer video it will be better in your local language. If you write us what you’ve said we can add subtitles.

I’m very curious!
What do you mean by video or photos?
want photos of sanbapos, or photos of the system based on the restaurant?
and video?

I meant friendly user photos. Even a single photo will help a lot. If you prefer a short video that might be a “Hi SambaPOS” or if you want you can tell your thoughts about SambaPOS. No need to be professional. It can be just like things we share with friends.

I hope a lot of people can contribute because this is the most important event we ever attended. If we succeed that would be a great change for the future of SambaPOS project.

Here are some samples from our friends and staff using SambaPOS.

do you prefere it in basic english or spanish? ill send you one first days of january, its usefull? congratulatios for the new relese!

hello @juancho23 it will be great if it can be in Spanish. We need it until 8 January. I’ve updated my first post with this info. Thank you very much.

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Our presentation is almost ready and we are waiting for your help for the last slide. Thank you in advance for your help friends.

Warm regards to Ahmad, Juan, Maya and Alessandro for their great contributions to our presentation. Tomorrow we’ll present our project and I believe it will be awesome. Thank you for supporting SambaPOS and everything else you did for us.

Wish us good luck :slight_smile:

PS: Sorry for my low forum activity. We’ll be back on full time business soon…